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Service companion Dogs of America

About Us

We Help Change The Lives of Dogs, and Make Your Life Much Better, Through Their Unique Help!

Service Companion Dogs of America was born out of a love for dogs and a desire to make a difference in people’s lives. We are dedicated to providing smart, healthy, happy, well trained service dogs to qualifying individuals. We strive toward our goals daily with our balanced and detailed training schedules as well as our attention to the health and welfare of the special dogs in our program.

 Service Companion Dogs of America is dedicated to providing all necessary training required for not only the service dog, but the recepient as well, to insure a healthy and happy team that will enhance the lives of all those touched by these wonderful relationships.

What We Do

Assistance Dogs

Assistance dogs are those that have been specially trained to help people who have some type of disability to carry out the activities of their daily life.

Service Dogs

Trained to help pick up objects from the floor, bring objects closer, turn lights on and off, open and close doors, signal by barking or otherwise in the event of a faint or fall from the chair, pull the chair, undress the user, remove and put the clothes in the washing machine …

Guide Dogs

Trained for visually impaired or deafblind people. Its main function is to help its user to warn him or avoid dangers or obstacles on the road, allowing him better mobility to carry out his daily activity with total normality, improving mobility and safety.

A Well-Trained Dog Can Be Very Helpful At The Time of Need. They are As Important As a Human Being.

Types of Service Dogs

Assistance Dogs of All Kinds

Mobility assistance dogs perform invaluable tasks for people with motor disabilities, especially those in wheelchairs.

The role of a guide dog is to help humans who are blind or visually impaired. 

Dogs provide a comforting barrier in times of distress and can perform a variety of tasks, including protecting their owner’s personal space and turning on the light before the owner enters a room to stay. feel more secure.

Dogs are angelic, and they can be more that a friend if you need a helping 'paw'. If you need a dog for special services, we are here to help you out.