a redheaded homeless dog with people who help him. Volunteer Vetrenars help homeless dogs. Problems of homeless animals. Unhappy dogs.


You can help in the education of these animals, during their first year of life, in which you will teach them with the help and supervision of our trainers all the commands of basic obedience, to be hygienic, not to destroy at home, daily brushing , the adaptation of the puppy to all kinds of environments. Always supported by our team who will be at your disposal for whatever you deem appropriate.

The puppy is delivered at two months of age with all the necessary material for its first year of life, and the association bears all the veterinary and feeding expenses.


You can help the Association in multiple ways, depending on your knowledge in the field (s) in which you are prepared (such as computer science, human resources, photography, carpentry, blacksmithing, general office work, article writing).

Organization of association events to break down barriers or recruitment of partners or volunteers.

Help us to recruit partners, a family member, a friend.

Without an adequate number of partners and volunteers our work could not be carried out.