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Service Companion Dogs of America (SCDOA) is a non-profit,  organization created to help individuals who could benefit from the assistance of a Service Dog. We provide highly trained dogs, free of charge, as well as guidance and education to the recipient in how to utilize and interact with the dog. We also provide free educational programs to the general public in order to promote awareness of the importance and responsibilities associated with Service Dogs.

SCDOA aims: “To promote the integration of people with some type of physical or mental deficiency in society, achieving the maximum equality of opportunities possible by putting at your disposal dogs trained according to your needs. “

Under these premises, it is intended to carry out, without any doubt, humanitarian work, making necessary the economic contributions that people, companies, or institutions that share all or a fundamental part of what is reflected in the, already mentioned, Statutes consider within their possibilities. In this way we can all help many people in need of it. Logically, depending on the volume of the economic amount received, it will be possible to serve a greater or lesser number of people who need it.

The specific grants, legacies or inheritances that could be legally received by the associates or third natural or legal persons.
Any other lawful resource.

Donations can be continuous or punctual by any natural or legal person.

SCDOA was founded by a dedicated group of professionals within the canine industry, spanning a wide range of knowledge bases and with a passion for the cause of those in need of a well trained Service Dog. While there are currently several similar organizations already in existence, they are unable to meet the demands of a rapidly growing population in need of these special canine companions. As a matter of fact, it’s not unusual for qualified individuals to wait up to six years to receive a properly trained Service Dog.

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